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Juno update

My Juno project has been delayed until Seeed Studio delivers the Respeaker and I can work out how to integrate this into the model but the good news is that I got an email saying that the Respeaker would be going out at the start of July 2017 so hopefully I will get them and start testing some time in July.

In the meantime, I’ve since discovered Autodesk Fusion 360 and reworked the Juno design to get a better looking and smoother body shape. The previous 3D CAD software Geomagic Design does not have the surface modeling that Fusion 360 has so I was unable to get a neat smooth looking shape. The image below shows what the new design looks like in Fusion 360.

I’ve order a larger number of parts now, such as the slip rings, gears, slew rings and motors to make sure they are the same size as they stated on the website. I’ve had to change the gears as I was unable to get the original tooth count locally. I’ve also found a wide angle camera for the Pi3 that comes with 2 infra red emitters so at least now I can hopefully allow Juno to see in the dark.

The Respeaker will be located 60mm from the main PCB (this contains power control and auto amplifiers for the 2 loud speakers) so that the microphones will hopefully pickup the sound from the vents I have included around the head.


I’ve also purchased a small desktop CNC machine and using this I will be able to make a number of the parts for the design such as the front panel, LCD clamps, motor mounts etc. Fusion 360 can generate the CAM files for this directly.

I recently did an enclosure and font panel for a quick demo project for a work client that runs Android from a small microcontroller board. I used the CNC machine to cut out the enclosure and then made a front panel front white.

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