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PCB’s for lamp modules and switch modules arrived

I received the PCB’s this week and built up 5 modules with ESP12 and programmed and tested. Small issue with the power supply I used but there is a fix for this and I have changed to a solid state relay for the switching.


We have a few switch modules which will be fitted into this housing after I remove the old electronics. The upper right one is the lamp module PCB showing the ESP12 side of the board.


The switch modules consist of 2 PCB, the lower power supply (read about this here http://embeddedcomputer.co.uk/2016/10/02/power-supply-issues/) and relay. The upper PCB has the ESP12 with switch and LED. There is space for a DS18B20 to monitor the internal temperature of the module or this can be brought to the outside if required to monitor a room temperature.

The lamp modules fit perfectly too, given the space available and the power supply just fits it I tilt it slightly on the PCB. Even with the new solid state relay it fits well.

20160927_215123  20160927_222409  20160927_215142

Here is the internals of the lamp modules. I’ll post more pics later when I assemble the remaining 4 modules.


The boards are all programmed with Peter Scargill’s home automation software and this is rock solid and works very well. It even allows OTA updates so I can reflash all modules in situ without having to remove them from the wall or lamp sockets. http://tech.scargill.net

Now that the design works, I have ordered more parts to build the remaining lamp modules and complete the switch modules. I’ll prepare the design files and post them Github and post the links back here when done.




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